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 Dear Artist/Writer!

Thank you for creating for me. All of following prompts are only here to help you, if you have different idea, feel free to use it. My headcanons are in no way obligatory for you.

General DNWs

  • Non Con/Dub Con shown like nothing wrong or even good – it’s plausible when it’s shown as traumatizing and/or it’s part of canon, but I prefer to not focus on it;

  • genderbend;

  • In art: elves with enormous ears; characters looking exactly like in games/screening (it’s not strongly DNW, more “I rather not”)

  • infidelity (in case of pairing which would request it I’d prefer not focusing on it, AU or timeline before/after canon relationship. In case of non-consensual or dubious consensual marriages I don’t consider it as indfidelity);

  • parent or parental figure/child incest;

  • showing characters mentioned in request as foolish or totally evil, villainifing them (it’s ok when it’s only “in thought” of character who hate them, but I don’t want it to be big part of the story),

  • Merman AU or Pirate AU or any AU which changes characters into something non-humanoid

General Likes

  • friends to lovers;

  • rivals/enemies to lovers;

  • people in love with each other, but afraid to admit it and its tragic or not consequences;

  • established relationships;

  • lovers against world – where everyone, especially parents or parental figures, think this can’t work, but they’re wrong;

  • strong female characters;

  • focusing on women’s position in society;

  • helping lover or friend overcome trauma or adjust to society again;

  • troubles in paradise” trope – problems in place where everything seems to be wonderful at first, but it isn’t as good as it seems – especially applicable to Silm fandom and Valinor

  • Aus, especially canon divergences, but also for example modern AU

  • In art: colorful arts, a lot of jewelry and fancy close


First age elven technology

Fourth Age Aman (Silm)

Gondolin society

Letters & Archives of the First Age

Post-Exile/Darkening Valinorean Society

Release of Kinslayers from Mandos

The Bond of Marriage

The Halls of Mandos

Trade in First Age Beleriand

Valinorean Fashion in Any Age

Worldbuilding: Effects of the Silmarils

Worldbuilding: Elven magic

Worldbuilding: Fashion in any culture or time period (Silm)

Worldbuilding: First Age Beleriand Trade Negotiations

All this worldbuilding tags are only suggestions about what I would gladly read., It may be stories including any of prompted chatracters or others. Honestly, if not prompted characters I would prefer stories with your Ocs – I generally love stories about them and other fans characters.

Fashion prompts are mostly for fanarts, I think, so maybe it would be good to show it on some of requestested characters.

I really love fanfictions set in Valinor, and especially reembodied AU is my love.

Curufin's Wife

I have headcanon for her (in my imagination she is very willful woman, not as patient as Nerdanel, and not delicate at all, but somehow similar to her mother-in-law. She died in First Kinslaying, which made Curufin even more determined to follow his father cause), but I love to see yours. Maybe some story about how she and Curufin met, from her perspective? Or she, staying at Valinor/being reembodied far earlier than her husband? Generally her life in Valinor.


One of my favorite femslash couple in Silm fandom. I headcanon Elemmírë was one of reasons why Findis decided to stay. Ideal to explore Post darkening Valinor or 4th Age Valinor. I headcanon that Aman, especially in the years of the threes (we don’t know anything about later days, so..) was pretty homophobic. How they dill with it? Maybe later it changes?

Also, I headcanon Findis as dark-haired. Of course it’s ok to use your hedcanon in this matter, but if it’s not a problem I’d prefer her with dark hair.

Haleth/Caranthir (Silm)

My weak point – human woman and elf male relationship. I really like this trope (not that I have a lot of examples of this kind of relationship). I prefer this relationship to be at least somehow fulfilled, not only Caranthir pining after her or vice versa. AU where there are together in long term relationship and how it changes dynamics in ruling their people (I mean Caranthir as a lord of elves and Haleth as chieftain) is very welcome.


I headcanon they didn’t know each other, or at least didn’t know each other well before Miriel’s death. After her reembodiment they maybe even didn’t like each other, but their feelings changed over time, and slowly, from reluctance they came to understanding and finally love.

Maeglin/Idril (Silm)

I’m not one of these fans who think Idril owe Maeglin “a chance” or anything, really, but I think that there is interesting AU to explore. What if Idril was a little bit hostile toward Maeglin, because she actually liked him from first sight, but she considered relationship between cousins as wrong? Later she came to think that she shouldn’t act against her heart. I headcanon their decided to keep their relationship in secret, because of “what people would say” etc., but it’s not some strong opinion.

Míriel & Original Handmaiden Character(s)

I’d like to read something about Miriel before born of Feanor. What kind of person she was? What was her relation to her duties as Queen? I think that showing her with some female friend will be good way of telling more about her.


Ancalime’s marriage was rather failed. Maybe because she just choose wrong sibling and realized it too late.

Tar-Telperiën/Original Female Character(s)

I imagine Telperien as very dominant and willful woman. She like to have everything under control. Maybe she is such also in relationship? And maybe she needs rather someone who could face her, who would be as strong as she and their relationship would be constant power struggle?

Inzilbêth (Silm) and Isildur's Wife (Silm)

Those woman are enigma’s. I’d love to see your take on them. We know about Inzilbeth’s influence on her son, and therefore his rulling, but what’s about nameless Isildur’s wife?

Morwen Eledhwen

I love her! She’s such strong character, I would love to read about her before Nirnaeth Arnoediad or even before marriage with Hurin. How did she live in (relatively) peaceful life? She lost her home once before, how did she feel about it? Did she look after her more delicate cousin, Rian?


She’s one of my favorite character. I would love to read about her long after flight of the Noldor. How she set her life after her family left her? Or in times when she and Feanor were separated. How did she feel about fact that all her children choose father over her? Or maybe she just thought Feanor needs them more then her?

Exploring theme of Kinslayers released from Halls of Mandos with her as central characters would be also interesting. She had changed, her sons had changed, how did they come to know each other again?

Tar-Míriel/Original Faithful Handmaiden Character

Tar-Míriel/Original Female King’s Man Spy Character

I took both this OFC characters as romancing, or at least getting to know with Tar-Míriel mostly because of political reasons. Did they want just to use her, and use her feeling for them own poloitical agenda? Or maybe feeling would win over duty?


Tar-Míriel (Silm)


Numenorean queens: any fic exploring women, and women on positions of power in Numenor (even if power only apparent, as in case of Tar-Míriel). How their gender affected their rulling and relationship with

Turgon of Gondolin

My grumpy, poor king. His relations with daughter, with nephew. I imagine he was very loving father and uncle, but he had problems with showing it, and he became very introvert after Elenwe’s death. How did he feel with Maeglin betrayal? I headcanon that, after first shock and anger, maybe after reembodiment or in Halls of Mandos, he felt also guilty. How he cope with this feelings?
Finduilas Faelivrin

I like you to explore her political role in Nargothrond. Did she had something to saythere? I headcanon that she was closer adviser to her uncle, and in fact she did the second most important person in Nargothrond (and even the first after Finrod died – her father relied on her completely).


Another male elf/human female pairing (only one canonical). I’m always willing to read more about them. It’s one of my favorite canonical pairing, and honestly, I’m not sure why, given there is only few lines suggesting their romance. But it always make me cry.

I would like to read how they met or how they come to love. I would welcome also AU where they stay together – how it change their fates? Or maybe how Aegnor decided that it would be better for them to break up? I have strange conviction that Finrod played part in it.

Anairë/Eärwen (Silm)

As I’m not fan of fics with infidelity, I’d rather read about they’re brief romance in their youth. Or maybe they decided to go back to this, after years of marriages, when their husbands let them down.


I see them as really good-matched partners and I really love this pairing (maybe because I love Aredhel). I think it would be especially interesting to read some fic about them after Helcaraxe, at the beginning of First Age, or when they probably met, when Aredhel run away from Eol. Also, it would be ideal opportunity to explore one of my favorite theme: reembodied elves and theme of Kinslayers release from Halls (especially given that I headcanon Aredhel also took part in Kinslaying). Generally I like fics taking place during happy times in Valinor, so something about it would be also very welcome. Maybe impact of their fathers relationship on their relationship.

Elros/Elros' Wife

Establishing Numenor, and role of Elros’ wife in it. Who she was? Woman not even mentioned in book as first king’s consort had to have important role.


Happy days of their marriage or young love. O don’t want Feanor bashing or showing him as awful husband, who thinks only of himself.

If you want to go for AU, either Feanor released from Mandos earlier than Dagor Dagorath and reunited with Nerdanel or Nerdanel going to Beleriand, where he lives long enough to reconcile with wife.

Finduilas Faelivrin/Maeglin

I know there canonically never met, but I love them both and also I really like resemblences between their story which may suggest they would like each other. After all Maeglin loved golden-haired princess and Finduilas was really atracted to mysterious dark-haired man with black sword. They might meet in Valinor, after long time, when both of them was reembodied and maybe help each other in returning to normal live. AU in which Maeglin gets to Nargothrond (for example he and Aredhel decided to stay with Celegorm and Curufin after living Nan Elmoth and then run away together to Nargothrond) would be also very welcome.

Maeglin/Original Female Character(s)

Mine favorite Silm pairing is Maeglin and my OFC, but I would gladly read about yours. Generally I really like Ocs and I think Silm fandom is generally perfect place for them – there had to be a lot of no-name elfs in Beleriand and Valinor, we mostly read about royal families.

Maglor/Maglor's Wife (Silm)

My Maglor’s wife is one of my favorite Ocs. In my verse she is scientist, way more rational than her husband, she willingly went to Beleriand. I would love to read your take on her.

Maybe Maglor finally reached Valinor. How she react to him? Or maybe they together stayed in Middle-Earth? She isn’t even mentioned in Silm, so maybe she stayed with him.


They both textual ghosts, very interesting to explore. I would love to read your take on them. Also they are ideal characters to write about Gondolin society, especially given that they’re probably from different classes.

Nerdanel & Anairë & Eärwen

Perfect trio to explore post-Darkening Valinor. Maybe Nerdanel never was so close to them as her sister-in-law for each other, but who would understand her better? How close was relationship between the three of them given that Nerdanel’s and Anairë’s husbands were in conflict? Wifes tried to reconcile them or maybe this conflict affected also their relationship?

Turgon & Idril & Maeglin

I think it would be interesting to explore complicated relations in this family. Maybe something from the beginning of Maeglin’s stay in Gondolin – Turgon tries to comfort Maeglin in his a little bit clumsy way, Maeglin is very lost in this beautiful city of his dreams and Idril had many doubts.


Haleth as leader, Haleth and her relationship with brother/father, Haleth as her relationship with subjects and guardswoman. Edain’s culture and how it’s evolve after meeting with Elves.

Maglor's Wife

Depending on your headcanon (whether she go to Beleriand or not) her life in Valinor after Darkening or after releasing of Halls of Mandos/geting back from Beleriand – as she probably would be Kinslayer in first case it could be theme used also for exploring releasing Kinslayers from Halls.

Lord of the Rings (Books)

Avari in the Third Age

powers and effects of the Three Rings

worldbuilding: people of Gondor

All this worldbuilding tags are only suggestions about what I would gladly read., It may be stories including any of prompted chatracters or others. Honestly, if not prompted characters I would prefer stories with your Ocs – I generally love stories about them and other fans characters.

Fashion prompts are mostly for fanarts, I think, so maybe it would be good to show it on some of requestested characters.

Éowyn (LoTR Books)
Gildor Inglorion
I would gladly read something about his origin.

Glorfindel (LOTR books)



Eowyn & Glorfindel


Finduilas of Dol Amroth/Ioreth

Ioreth/Morwen of Lossarnach


I’m not as into LoTR fandom as into Silm, so I don’t have specific prompts for every pairing/character here. I would gladly read something from before/after timeline of the books.

Crossover fandom

Finduilas Faelivrin (as Gil-galad) (Silm)/Celebrían (LotR)
Our mysterious Gil-Galad! Maybe Celebrian would be the only person who would learn who he (or rather she, in this case) was? They could came closer to each other on this grounds, which would end in romance.
Lothíriel of Dol Amroth (LotR)/Uinen (Silm)
Finduilas of Dol Amroth (LotR)/Uinen (Silm)

Women of Dol Amroth always yearns for sea. What if they miss something (or rather someone) else?
Míriel Þerindë (Silm) & Ioreth (LOTR)

I’m very interested how they could meet. Maybe Míriel, still in Halls, somehow “special guest” there (or maybe as Vaire’s handmaiden) could visit also place separated for humans (maybe humans’ spirits could meet elves’ spirits when they were in Halls, for one, last goodbye)? Maybe Míriel visited Ioreth in dreams?



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