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Rare pair fest 2017 letter



Dear artist/author!

Thank you for creating for me! Here you find suggestions which may help you in creating. Of course, if you don’t find them interesting or inspiring, feel free to write something else about requested pairing (but please, mind my DNW). You can also check out my other letters (its prqactically the only think I post on my Dreamwidth, so I’m sure you find it. I'm open for fic in Polish, especially in case of Witcher fandom, if it's allowed in this exchange,

If you have any question, message me on tumblr on anon (http://isilloth.tumblr.com/).


General DNW: Non Con/Dub Con (except where this is canon like in case of Aredhel or Tar-Míriel, but even there make it small part of the story); genderbend; elves with enormous ears; infidelity (in case of pairing which would request it I’d prefer not focusing on it, AU or timeline before/after canon relationship. In case of Tar-Míriel or Aredhel I wouldn’t consider it cheating as their marriages was not consensual or dubiously consensual); showing characters mentioned in request as foolish or totally evil, totally bashing them (I’m not saying they were pure and good, but I don’t want one-dimensional characterization of them. Generally I’d prefer to portrait them in positive, or at least neutral light).


General likes: friends to lovers; rivals/enemies to lovers; people in love with each other, but afraid to admit it and its, tragic or not, consequences; established relationship; lovers against world – where everyone, especially parents or parental figures, think this can’t work, but they’re wrong.


Silmarillion and other histories of Middle-Earth - J. R. R. Tolkien


I’m sucker for reembodimement AU, so it would be awesome if you’d write something during this timeline.


Aegnor | Ambaráto/Andreth | Saelind (Silmarillion)

I’m always willing to read more about them. It’s one of my favorite canonical pairing, and honestly, I’m not sure why, given there is only few lines suggesting their romance. But it always make me cry.

I would like to read how they met or how they come to love. I would welcome also AU where they stay together – how it change their fates? Or maybe how Aegnor decided that it would be better for them to break up? I have strange conviction that Finrod played part in it.

Amras/Nellas (Silmarillion)

I find interesting how much they could have in common. I bet both loved forest also I imagine them both as a little bit shy. Maybe they have chance to meet before fall of Doriath, or maybe Amras met her during second kinslaying and decided to spare her. He could took her with him or maybe their ways parted for some time to meet again after many years, in Valinor.


Aredhel/Celegorm | Turcafinwë (Silmarillion)

I see them as really good-matched partners and I really love this pairing (maybe because I love Aredhel). I think it would be especially interesting to read some fic about them after Helcaraxe, at the beginning of First Age, or when they probably met, when Aredhel run away from Eol. Also, it would be ideal opportunity to explore one of my favorite theme: reembodied elves (maybe in case of Celegorm it’s not very likely, but neither impossible). Generally I like fics taking place during happy times in Valinor, so something about it would be also very welcome. Maybe impact of their fathers relationship on their relationship.


Celegorm | Turcafinwë/Lúthien Tinúviel

I may not be great fan of this relationship, but I find it oddly fitting: most beautiful woman on the world with Celegorm the Fair. Maybe Beren died earlier during the quest, and Lúthien wanted to move on, so Celegorm didn’t seem to her as such bad choice. I think different take on Beren and Lúthien relationship would be also interesting – I mean by it that for her it was something more temporary, maybe way of rebel against her father so she lost interest in it when she proved her point. And then Celegorm showed up.


Numenorean ladies

Generally speaking I really like fics focusing on Numenorean society and role of women in it. We know of them very little, so my prompt also won’t be very specific. I’d just love to read something about woman’s life in Numenor, and relationship between them. More explicit femslash encouraged.


Wiedźmin | The Witcher - All Media Types


Avallac'h | Crevan Espane aep Caomhan Macha/Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon

I’m really into this pairing! I would suggest here progress of their relationship, from distrust, and maybe even hostile to lovers. It would be interesting to see them during some adventure in other world, where Ciri moved them (maybe our world, in whatever time you want – I think it would be very interesting, and maybe also easier than coming with something completely new).


Book suggests that they knew each other well – Tissaia called Francesca by Enid, as probably no other sorceress. I’m interested in their common past – when and how they had gotten to know so well?


Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin

Petyr Baelish/Catelyn Stark (ASOIAF)

I have strange weakness for Littlefinger, I really don’t know why… Maybe AU scenario when his love for Catelyn is mutual. How it changes their lifes? I guess Catelyn still married Stark, given she’s quite dutiful…


Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling

Minerva McGonagall/Severus Snape

I’m not going to deny it, I like Snape. And I think I’d like even more if he finally get over Lily.

I think both McGonagall and Snape were very intelligent. I imagine they discuss many matters, usually didn’t agreeing on single one, but very enjoying this discussions (even if neither of them wanted to admit it). Be it slowly falling from rivals to lover or during heated discussion is up to you.

Fleur Delacour/Nymphadora Tonks

I like them both, so I think it would be interesting to read about their affair. Preferably in AU scenario where neither Fleur married Bill nor Tonks Remus.


Hermione Granger/Nymphadora Tonks 

I’m not fan of affairs between teenagers with adults, so I would like to read about AU scenario where Tonks lives. Preferable Tonks survived battle of Hogwart, but Lupin no, so Hermione comforts her friend. I also not big fan of Ron/Hermione pairing (“not a big fan” is euphemism, I can’t stand it – I’m not saying Ron was bad person, I can’t say I don’t like him, but, in my opinion, he and Hermione don’t make s good couple at all) so I prefer version where they had never married (broke up before it) or divorce.

Hermione Granger/Percy Weasley (HP)

They worked together in Ministry of Magic, and there they become closer. Percy didn’t want to anger his family more, that Hermione is Ron’s ex (see above) what’s cause them many problems at the beginning of their relationship. Hermione was also a little bit reluctant to get in relationship with other Weasley.

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Every woman 2017 letter

 Dear writer/artist!

Thank you for creating for me! Those letter is only suggestion, so if you have any other idea, just go for it!

General likes: strong women, exploring women's position in society
DNW: Non-Con, Dub-con (except Tar-Miriel), parent (or parental figure)/child incest, AUs other than canon divergence or reembidiment AU, explicit violence, mpreg, genderswap.

The Silmarillion and other histories of Middle-Earth - J. R. R. Tolkien 

Andreth Saelind

I would love to explore her role as Wise Woman among her people. What was her tasks? Did she have influence on politics or laws or her role was more of scientist/philosopher or honored archivist?

I ship her with Aegnor, and I would be glad also to receive something with two of them – how they met or howthey relationship looks like? I don’t see Aegnor as such thinker as Andreth or Finrod, so I wonder whats bring them so close? Did they share some other common interest, or was it more of love from first sign?

Women of Numenor

We know very little about most of them. I would love if you explore Numenor society, women role in it, their culture and customs. I would be happy with anything about them, but I have some more specific clues for some of them.


She was lover of music, I headcanon her also as skilled musician. Did she willingly and purposely gave her power to husband, or was it other way around, and chroniclers just wanted to put it in nice words?


Maybe she didn’t get married because she had some lover she couldn’t marry? Some woman, for example.


How her cousin force her to marriage? Did her supporters try to “rescue” her or contact her later? Did she have someone, who would uphold her spirit during her unhappy marriage?


I would like to read something about her life after (but rather long after, when Darkening was already over) the Flight of Noldor or about early stage of her relationship with Feanor, before Maedhros was born. Please don’t make Feanor gross!

Finduilas Faelivrin

I like you to explore her political role in Nargothrond. Did she had something to saythere? I headcanon that she was closer adviser to her uncle, and in fact she did the second most important person in Nargothrond (and even the first after Finrod died – her father relied on her completely).

I have crack pairing Finduilas/Maeglin – there are huge parallels between their story so.. I think they might be interested in each other (if they would only met, I mean), so.. maybe some AU?


My absolutely favorite female from Silm. Something about her youth or living in Gondolin. Or how and why she made decision to follow Turgon there? Giving how she loved open spaces is unlikely for me, that she went to Gondolin without any specific reason. Also her relationship with Maeglin!

What I don’t want here: Aredhel being irresponsible, bad mother; Aredhel shown as totally reckless andegoistic, Aredhel/Eol (they’re my NoTP, I see this relationship as abusive, so please, no!).

I ship her with Celegorm so it would be nice to have something with both of them.


What did she do in Beleriand? Where she lived? Was any of Silm character related to her (maybe Glorfindel, Ecthelion or some other Gondolin lord?). Literally anything about her, we know so little. Shippy fic with some OCor canonical character would be also nice.


I would like to read story how she met Fingolfin, or something about her relationship with children, and/or sisters-in-law.

Wiedźmin | The Witcher - All Media Types


Tissaia & Yennefer

Early Yennefer life, their relationship when Yennefer was at school.

Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon

I would love to read something shippy about her. I ship her with Avallac’h, but if it\s not ok for you it could be also Cerys, Mistle or Eredin.If not shippy maybe something about her journeys in different worlds or “life after games” (as a witchress preferably).

Francesca Findabair

Maybe something about her early/earlier life, before timeline of the books. I wonder who was her father (she mentioned him somewhere – he denied her).

Cerys an Craite

Preferably version where she became queen, but maybe something more about her private life, her relationship (with man or woman) or maybe how female ruler fared in such place as Skellige.

Song of Ice and fire/Greek and Roman mythology

I would love to receive some nice portrait of any of this characters!


 I have to admit that I remember poorly plot of most of Discoworls books I have read, but I love its humor, style and really admire people who attempt to write it! I would prefer something not very shippy. 


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Trick or Treat Letter

Dear Writher/Artist!
Thank you for creating for me! 
All following prompts are just suggestions, if you have better ideas, feel free to use them!

General DNW: M/M, infidelity (except marked expectations), Dub-con, poetry

on Fanart – appearance of character incompatible with description


Fandom: The Silmarillion and other histories of Middle-Earth – J. R. R. Tolkien


Character: Indis

Treat Maybe moments with one of her children, when they still were young. I headcanon she has very strong relationship especially with Findis and Finarfin.

Eventually her carefree life before marriage with Finwe or how they met.


Character: Ecthelion of the Fountain

Treat: Something about him, enjoying family life. Did he have wife and children? If not, maybe sister/brother or nephew/niece. I’d be happy to read something about his interaction with them.


Character: Haleth

Treat: I’d lke to read something sexy about Haleth – maybe about she and her female warrior. I also like the idea about some sexual rituals that her people have before fight, or after. I don’t mind also Haleth/Caranthir ship, although it’s not my OTP. For this: maybe he joined Haladin in they traditional celebration and end with Haleth. (But if Caranthir/Haleth let’s forget he was married and don’t mention this, please)

If not sexy than maybe some interaction with her nephew or other children in her tribe. Maybe she taught them how to fight, protect themselves, but also explain why they have to do this.



Character: Tar-Vanimeldë


Treat: Queen and her unending parties. She preferred parties than ruling, so let’s have it – maybe some orgy included.



Character: Tar-Telperiën


Treat: I headcanon she was a little bit cold, and dominant in bed – it could be either M/F or F/F, but in first case it would be only sexual relationship.


Trick: Occult didn’t start alongside with Sauron’s arrival on Numenor...



Character: Rían of the House of Bëor


Treat: She had so unhappy life that I really like to read something fluffy about her. Some happy moments with Huor before Nirnaeth Arnoediad, something about her songs and music (she was musician) – anything happy in fact.



Character: Aredhel


Treat: I don’t ship her with Eol, and reading about their relationship, especially when shown as happy and healthy, makes me really uncomfortable.


There are some ideas I have for fanfiction with her:


- Aredhel interacting with Idril after Elenwe’s death, comforting her or simply playing with her etc.,


- Aredhel playing with Maeglin, explaining him something or telling stories,


- I ship her with Celegorm, so maybe some interaction between them, in happy times of Valinor.



Character: Rôg
Trick: I
t’s probable that he used to be slave in Angband. So maybe story about this period in his.


Character: Silmariën
Trick: Silmariën is seeing ghosts – maybe of her death relatives, maybe some elves dead long tie ago and far away.


Character: Thuringwethil
Trick: Something about her before Beren and Lúthien. How does her life look? Do she drink blood, like vampires known from different stories?


Character: Lalwen
Trick:She goes to Beleriand with her brother, Fingolfin. Did she have some scary adventures there? I imagine herself as a little bit similar to her niece, Aredhel, who couldn’t bear staying n one place too long.


Character: Melian
Trick:Her magic was scary. Enchantments that she puts on Doriath were full of horror. Where did she learn this? How did it look like?


Character: Mandos
Trick: Lord of underwor
ld. What could be more scary? His interaction with spirits in his Halls, especially those not so nice, spirits of orcs or different creatures of Morgoth.


Character: Lúthien
Trick: Learning her mother’s creepy magic, or b
ewitching someone.


Fandom: How I met your mother


This “trick” could be taken literally – I see Barney or Robin making Halloween tricks to each other and they friends (which not especially had to be scary).
Barney using methods from his playbook to pick up the girl, and accidentally summoning demon? In
fact, I can’t imagine anything really scary about them, but if you can, go for it!


Fandom: A song of Ice and Fire


DNW: Fanart: please, don’t draw/paint them as portraits of actor playing in the show.


Character: Jon Snow
Treat: Moments with Ygritte or playing with his siblings.
Trick: What did he see when he was dead?
Fighting with White Walkers, or moment before it, when nobody knows what is happening.


Character: Melissandre
Treat: Her childhood.
Or something sexual with her, but please not with Stannis.
As for fanart there could be only her.
Trick: There is a lot you can write. I find her religion really creepy and her magic as well. How does it works or how did she learn this? In act, anything connected with her magic.


Character: Brienne of Tarth
Treat: Her relationship with Renly. And by relationship I don’t mean anything sexual, but he seems to really treat her well, maybe they had been friends (although I know she distanced from him, there could be nice moments).
Trick: Her encounter with Lady Stoneheart


Character: Margaery Tyrell

Treat: Playing with Tommen (in bookverse he was only ten). Interactions with her family she seems to be close-knit with them
Trick: Scary dungeons of