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Dear Writher/Artist!
Thank you for creating for me! 
All following prompts are just suggestions, if you have better ideas, feel free to use them!

General DNW: M/M, infidelity (except marked expectations), Dub-con, poetry

on Fanart – appearance of character incompatible with description


Fandom: The Silmarillion and other histories of Middle-Earth – J. R. R. Tolkien


Character: Indis

Treat Maybe moments with one of her children, when they still were young. I headcanon she has very strong relationship especially with Findis and Finarfin.

Eventually her carefree life before marriage with Finwe or how they met.


Character: Ecthelion of the Fountain

Treat: Something about him, enjoying family life. Did he have wife and children? If not, maybe sister/brother or nephew/niece. I’d be happy to read something about his interaction with them.


Character: Haleth

Treat: I’d lke to read something sexy about Haleth – maybe about she and her female warrior. I also like the idea about some sexual rituals that her people have before fight, or after. I don’t mind also Haleth/Caranthir ship, although it’s not my OTP. For this: maybe he joined Haladin in they traditional celebration and end with Haleth. (But if Caranthir/Haleth let’s forget he was married and don’t mention this, please)

If not sexy than maybe some interaction with her nephew or other children in her tribe. Maybe she taught them how to fight, protect themselves, but also explain why they have to do this.



Character: Tar-Vanimeldë


Treat: Queen and her unending parties. She preferred parties than ruling, so let’s have it – maybe some orgy included.



Character: Tar-Telperiën


Treat: I headcanon she was a little bit cold, and dominant in bed – it could be either M/F or F/F, but in first case it would be only sexual relationship.


Trick: Occult didn’t start alongside with Sauron’s arrival on Numenor...



Character: Rían of the House of Bëor


Treat: She had so unhappy life that I really like to read something fluffy about her. Some happy moments with Huor before Nirnaeth Arnoediad, something about her songs and music (she was musician) – anything happy in fact.



Character: Aredhel


Treat: I don’t ship her with Eol, and reading about their relationship, especially when shown as happy and healthy, makes me really uncomfortable.


There are some ideas I have for fanfiction with her:


- Aredhel interacting with Idril after Elenwe’s death, comforting her or simply playing with her etc.,


- Aredhel playing with Maeglin, explaining him something or telling stories,


- I ship her with Celegorm, so maybe some interaction between them, in happy times of Valinor.



Character: Rôg
Trick: I
t’s probable that he used to be slave in Angband. So maybe story about this period in his.


Character: Silmariën
Trick: Silmariën is seeing ghosts – maybe of her death relatives, maybe some elves dead long tie ago and far away.


Character: Thuringwethil
Trick: Something about her before Beren and Lúthien. How does her life look? Do she drink blood, like vampires known from different stories?


Character: Lalwen
Trick:She goes to Beleriand with her brother, Fingolfin. Did she have some scary adventures there? I imagine herself as a little bit similar to her niece, Aredhel, who couldn’t bear staying n one place too long.


Character: Melian
Trick:Her magic was scary. Enchantments that she puts on Doriath were full of horror. Where did she learn this? How did it look like?


Character: Mandos
Trick: Lord of underwor
ld. What could be more scary? His interaction with spirits in his Halls, especially those not so nice, spirits of orcs or different creatures of Morgoth.


Character: Lúthien
Trick: Learning her mother’s creepy magic, or b
ewitching someone.


Fandom: How I met your mother


This “trick” could be taken literally – I see Barney or Robin making Halloween tricks to each other and they friends (which not especially had to be scary).
Barney using methods from his playbook to pick up the girl, and accidentally summoning demon? In
fact, I can’t imagine anything really scary about them, but if you can, go for it!


Fandom: A song of Ice and Fire


DNW: Fanart: please, don’t draw/paint them as portraits of actor playing in the show.


Character: Jon Snow
Treat: Moments with Ygritte or playing with his siblings.
Trick: What did he see when he was dead?
Fighting with White Walkers, or moment before it, when nobody knows what is happening.


Character: Melissandre
Treat: Her childhood.
Or something sexual with her, but please not with Stannis.
As for fanart there could be only her.
Trick: There is a lot you can write. I find her religion really creepy and her magic as well. How does it works or how did she learn this? In act, anything connected with her magic.


Character: Brienne of Tarth
Treat: Her relationship with Renly. And by relationship I don’t mean anything sexual, but he seems to really treat her well, maybe they had been friends (although I know she distanced from him, there could be nice moments).
Trick: Her encounter with Lady Stoneheart


Character: Margaery Tyrell

Treat: Playing with Tommen (in bookverse he was only ten). Interactions with her family she seems to be close-knit with them
Trick: Scary dungeons of



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