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 Dear writer/artist!

Thank you for creating for me! Those letter is only suggestion, so if you have any other idea, just go for it!

General likes: strong women, exploring women's position in society
DNW: Non-Con, Dub-con (except Tar-Miriel), parent (or parental figure)/child incest, AUs other than canon divergence or reembidiment AU, explicit violence, mpreg, genderswap.

The Silmarillion and other histories of Middle-Earth - J. R. R. Tolkien 

Andreth Saelind

I would love to explore her role as Wise Woman among her people. What was her tasks? Did she have influence on politics or laws or her role was more of scientist/philosopher or honored archivist?

I ship her with Aegnor, and I would be glad also to receive something with two of them – how they met or howthey relationship looks like? I don’t see Aegnor as such thinker as Andreth or Finrod, so I wonder whats bring them so close? Did they share some other common interest, or was it more of love from first sign?

Women of Numenor

We know very little about most of them. I would love if you explore Numenor society, women role in it, their culture and customs. I would be happy with anything about them, but I have some more specific clues for some of them.


She was lover of music, I headcanon her also as skilled musician. Did she willingly and purposely gave her power to husband, or was it other way around, and chroniclers just wanted to put it in nice words?


Maybe she didn’t get married because she had some lover she couldn’t marry? Some woman, for example.


How her cousin force her to marriage? Did her supporters try to “rescue” her or contact her later? Did she have someone, who would uphold her spirit during her unhappy marriage?


I would like to read something about her life after (but rather long after, when Darkening was already over) the Flight of Noldor or about early stage of her relationship with Feanor, before Maedhros was born. Please don’t make Feanor gross!

Finduilas Faelivrin

I like you to explore her political role in Nargothrond. Did she had something to saythere? I headcanon that she was closer adviser to her uncle, and in fact she did the second most important person in Nargothrond (and even the first after Finrod died – her father relied on her completely).

I have crack pairing Finduilas/Maeglin – there are huge parallels between their story so.. I think they might be interested in each other (if they would only met, I mean), so.. maybe some AU?


My absolutely favorite female from Silm. Something about her youth or living in Gondolin. Or how and why she made decision to follow Turgon there? Giving how she loved open spaces is unlikely for me, that she went to Gondolin without any specific reason. Also her relationship with Maeglin!

What I don’t want here: Aredhel being irresponsible, bad mother; Aredhel shown as totally reckless andegoistic, Aredhel/Eol (they’re my NoTP, I see this relationship as abusive, so please, no!).

I ship her with Celegorm so it would be nice to have something with both of them.


What did she do in Beleriand? Where she lived? Was any of Silm character related to her (maybe Glorfindel, Ecthelion or some other Gondolin lord?). Literally anything about her, we know so little. Shippy fic with some OCor canonical character would be also nice.


I would like to read story how she met Fingolfin, or something about her relationship with children, and/or sisters-in-law.

Wiedźmin | The Witcher - All Media Types


Tissaia & Yennefer

Early Yennefer life, their relationship when Yennefer was at school.

Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon

I would love to read something shippy about her. I ship her with Avallac’h, but if it\s not ok for you it could be also Cerys, Mistle or Eredin.If not shippy maybe something about her journeys in different worlds or “life after games” (as a witchress preferably).

Francesca Findabair

Maybe something about her early/earlier life, before timeline of the books. I wonder who was her father (she mentioned him somewhere – he denied her).

Cerys an Craite

Preferably version where she became queen, but maybe something more about her private life, her relationship (with man or woman) or maybe how female ruler fared in such place as Skellige.

Song of Ice and fire/Greek and Roman mythology

I would love to receive some nice portrait of any of this characters!


 I have to admit that I remember poorly plot of most of Discoworls books I have read, but I love its humor, style and really admire people who attempt to write it! I would prefer something not very shippy. 




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